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random Microseed Matrix Screening (rMMS) now available at the HTX platform

 example rMMS (Obmolova et al.)

The HTX Team recently hosted Patrick Shaw Stewart, co-founder of Douglas Instruments, a UK-based company, which designs, manufactures and distributes specialized systems for automatic protein crystallization.

During his seminar at the EMBL, Patrick showed how beneficial the use of rMMS can be, especially when used at the early stages of the whole crystallization process (download the slides of his presentation here). This method was originally developed by Alan D'Arcy[1] and has been optimized for the high-throughput crystallization lab.  

Therefore, the HTX platform implemented rMMS for crystal optimization. If you are interested, please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The HTX Team



1. D'Arcy, et al. (2007), An automated microseed matrix-screening method for protein crystallization. Acta Cryst D. 63, 550-554

2. Obmolova, et al. (2014), Protein crystallization with microseed matrix screening: application to human germline antibody Fabs. Acta Cryst F. 70, 1107-1115