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Once crystallization conditions have been identified, crystal optimization may be required to improve crystal size, morphology or even diffraction power. Thus, the HTX platform offers the possibility to prepare optimization and custom screens.



FORMULATOR-16 (Formulatrix)

A new Formulator 16 robot (Formulatrix) is available at the HTX lab. This system is designed to prepare optimization and custom screens in 96-well and 24-well plates starting from your own stock solutions.
The system accepts up to 15 different stock solutions, can deliver volumes of up to 0.2 μl accurately and the process of loading and changing stock solutions is very simple and quick. The Formulator 16 is very well-suited for the preparation of your refinement screens in a few minutes (dispense programming included). Stock solutions can be prepared in 50ml Falcon and 125ml or 250ml bottles (Nalgene) and require specially designed caps for quick swap.

User Manual / Formulator Guidelines

Practical Information:

Consumables (swap caps, bottles 125ml or 250ml and plates) are available at the HTX lab.
They will be charged to each group on a per unit basis (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Short training, provided by the HTX team, is required before first use.
Barcoded 96-wells plate are provided by the HTX staff.




Refinement & Chemical Manager (CRIMS)

Thanks to a new interface specially developed for CRIMS, it is now possible to design your own refinement plate. The Refinement & Chemical Manager menu in the user tab, allow to manage your stock solutions, design your custom screen and send a ready-to-use dispense list program to the Formulator. Once the custom screen is made, you can ask for a crystallization request using your own screen (for 96-well plate only). The conditions you designed are then displayed as well in the CRIMS image viewer. 

If you need help to use this interface, check out the tutorials in the Help menu, or contact the HTX staff !

Another method to refine your crystal is to perform gradient in a microfluidic chip, check out the MPCS PlugMaker for further information.




Screen design