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CRIMS Tutorials


For information regarding a specific feature of CRIMS, click on one of the links below.


Please note that CRIMS v3.0 is optimized to work with Mozilla Firefox v40.0.03

(Internet Explorer is not recommended)


First time at the HTX ? Check out the CRIMS Overview in order to get started rapidly.



1) Sample and crystallization

- How to register a sample using CRIMS (click here)

- How to make a crystallization request using CRIMS (click here)


2) Drops visualization

- How to visualize your images using CRIMS image viewer (click here)

- How to use the advanced features of the CRIMS image viewer (click here)

- How to share plates with other users (click here)


3) Thermofluor assays

- How to check the TM of your sample after a crystallization run (click here)

- How to upload the results of your thermofluor buffer screening (click here)



4) Automated crystal harvesting and data collection

- How to use the crystal pointing tool (click here)

- How to link a crystal to an ESRF acronym for data collection (click here)

- How to send an ISPyB shipment through CRIMS (click here)

- How to check your data collection results (coming soon)


5) More tools

- How to perform your Hit Tracking (click here)

- How to create a Refinement Screen (click here)

- How to manage chemicals and stock solutions (click here)



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