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These services are the result of an active collaboration between EMBL and the Institut de Biologie Structurelle Jean-Pierre Ebel (IBS). Special thanks to Florine Dupeux (IBS) who's daily collaboration helps us keep up with the work load.

Setting up these web pages and the IT infrastructure required for our services was possible thanks to a very active and committed contribution from Remi Pinck's computing team. We promise to keep on knocking at you door... or should I say screen ?

...and thanks to all of you for your confidence and so many samples.


The Crystallization Information Management System (CRIMS) was originally created in order to manage all the information associated to activity of our crystallization platform in Grenoble. CRIMS has evolved and gained in functionalities and is now installed in three other European laboratories. We are thankful to all these labs using CRIMS for their input and support.


EMBL Heidelberg : Crystallization Platform

  Christoph Müller (Head of Unit), Sebastian Glatt (Ph. D.), Franck Thommen (IT), Brice Murciano (Research technician) 

EMBL Hamburg : High Throughput Crystallization Platform

  Rob Meijers (Team leader), Stephane Boivin (Staff scientist), Sandra Kozak (Research technician), Vanessa Vieira (Research technician)

Weizmann Institute of Science

  Joel L. Sussman (Prof.), Jaime Prilusky (ph. D.) 

threedrops_tiny picture Yellow_crystals picture eppendorf picture Photolab picture